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Box Braids With Blue Hair

New hair colours winter 2012

New hair colours winter 2012 We got hotties to tell us what turns them on when it comes to the makeup you wear.
She even gives tips on how to score each hue by looking for certain terms on your favorite drugstore box kits.
Who Wear Their Real Hair Venus Williams Shakes Up Her Box Braids With Blue Hair Color Nicki Minaj.
This will eliminate any miscommunication that happens in these kinds of situations.
Your stylist will thank you and it will really make the consultation much easier.
Nothing drives me more insane than a client who comes in two weeks after a color service with fading color and a snippy attitude.
This is yet another reason you should be open and honest with your stylist during the consultation phase.
Cosmo cover girl Taylor Swift totally perfected her signature hairstyle this year.
Actress Ashley Greene rocked a killer red hue this year while promoting the final film of the Twilight series.
Katy Perry chose a blonde bob with lavender blue highlights through the front sections.
Mischa modelled her new hair on holiday in Miami and we think it shows off her milky complexion a treat.
SEXY HAIRSTYLES MADE EASY Fringes are another really hot topic this year in celebrity hairstyles.
Take a choice of colors a little more time to find the perfect combination of colors.
There is nothing surprising in the fact that women are always dreaming to experiment with the red.
I have put together all the hottest hair colors

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Personally I love dreads but not braids

2005-02-14 09:10:34 by dread-nought

Braids usually just look like ass on white scalps, I think. It's rare that they don't.
As for the dreads, I can understand what you're saying - I think there are multiple things going on. One is definitely the hippie kid who wants to look or feel rasta - usually because they've heard or read something that struck them as profound but not delving very far into rasta culture. There are those...le want to show their unique nature or step outside their pack, they choose this way to do it.
But the other thing I'll say is that dreads for non-black folk take a LOT of work and a good deal of pain and effort. Most people's hair doesn't go that way so easily. So, there are a lot of people with the hair, but it's not like going in and deciding to change your style at the drop of the hat.

From "You Can Touch My Hair"  — EBONY.com
Growing up, touching my hair was the sole province of the family caregivers who would wash, brush, braid, cornrow, pigtail, or hot comb it until I was myself old enough to manage its day-to-day styling. .. were replaced by the professionals who'd ..

Drug Court helps Mercer County addicts get clean  — The Trentonian
He also told a young man with a head full of stumpy braids to get a proper haircut. ..

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  • Avatar duhlame Could you help me with my naturual hair?
    Feb 11, 2013 by duhlame | Posted in Hair

    I've been going natural for five months. I had box braids in for almost three weeks but, i grew tired, and they weren't finished, what a hassle. My bf liked the braids and they were okay. I took them out washed and put ge … else super cute, i was going to straighten it but idk. Color, maybe. I have like a mini fro. And i don't wanna do extensions or weaves because after like a week i would want to take it out. Hope my info helped. Thanks :)

    • Color can be damaging especially when done the wrong way. Perhaps you can try some new hairstyles as these:

  • Avatar cherry. What is your makeup routine AND all the products you use/have?
    Feb 08, 2013 by cherry. | Posted in Makeup
    • - I wash my face with my cleanser
      - I lightly moisturize
      - I apply a thin layer of an acne friendly moisterizer, either neutrogina, Covergirl, or almay acne foundations
      - I apply my airspun loose fac …kin colored eyeshadow as a base
      - I work colors into my crease
      - I wing my eyeliner with loreals gel liner (best drugstore liner EVER)
      -top of off with more powder
      - Apply my favorite lipstick

  • Avatar mema I dyed part of my weave dark purple(copper orginally),it turned medium copper/red :( help?
    Jul 29, 2012 by mema | Posted in Hair

    I dye my hair black and i want this weave part to be dark red/ wine color, what color i should die it to get it like dark red??

    • Call the 1-800# found on the box of dye or email them, (to find #, go online & search the brand if you don't have the box) they're the hair color experts they can advice you best. Style meets chemistry meets biology: …a of the scalp above the ears. It may also occur at the posterior hairline.

      Google FDA.gov & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers.
      Google: Hair Dye FAQ's Are Hair Dyes Safe?